Amateur mature exhibitionists fondling each other in the Jacuzzi

Melody is an amateur mature exhibitionist and is having fun by herself in the hot tub when Pandora shows up to make her day even better. She can’t stop herself from getting right down into the water and reaching up to play with Melody’s bathing suit. She prods and pulls at it until it slips right off of her hot body. She takes a few second to takes it all in with her eyes, then it’s time to do something about her flooded pussy. She makes Melody sit down and spreads her legs wide to attack her crotch. She kisses down her stomach and reaches forward to make sure she’s as wet as she thinks she is. Her fingers plunge deep inside and she knows that she’s just as eager to have a good time.

She spends some time playing with her massive tits and resting her face in between them before she needs a little action for herself. She gets on her hands and knees and invites Melody to take care of business from behind. She doesn’t need to ask twice and slides her fingers right into both of her exposed holes. Pandora can’t do much but smile as she starts to cum all over her hands.

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